Jewelry Designers, Craftsmen and Manufactures

This is a New Post, dedicated to the many talented artists and craftsmen that design and created beautiful modern, vintage and antique jewelry.
This post will always be under construction, as more artists and information will be added/deleted.
My goal is to have artists/manufactures added A to Z.
I will also try to showcase a photo of a jewelry item, along with a makers mark photo (note: makers mark photo may not be the same jewelry as the showcased jewelry).
Please leave a comment, if you have additional information or photos of showcased artist/company.


Kaija Aarikka...Finland
Kaija Aarikka , is a manufacture, trained in fashion and textiles. Began to make jewelry in 1950, specialized in wood & metal designs.

A.L.L. Co.

A.L.L. Co.: 1922 - 1940s? (Unknown as to last date in business)
 A.L. Lindroth Company, North Attelboro, Mass. 

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New York, NY
The Accessocraft Products Company, NY, was founded by Edgar Rodelheimer and Theodore Steinman, and opened in 1930.
They produced high quality jewelry with a decidedly Art Deco look. They also specialized in Renaissance, Victorian, Art Nouveau and Rococo pieces.
The jewelry pieces were marked: "Accessocraft", "Plastigold" in September 1940. They also used the mark "Feathergold" since Aug. 1945, which was when they began creating plastic pieces. The company ceased operations in 1998.
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ADELE SIMPSON: 1944 - 1950s
Adele Simpson began by designing high quality fashions. She started to produce jewelry to coordinate with her fashion designs in limited quantities for a very short time.

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Adie Bros. Birmingham, UK
c. 1879 - 1968

The Adie Bros. were Silversmiths and Manufactures, creating a wide range of decorative items and jewelry. Employed designers Fernand Piret and Harolf Stabler in c. 1925
 Sterling Silver Cigarette Case...Adie Bros.



Jacques Adler..Turkey
c. 1886 -1972

Specializing in use of color combinations.

In 1886 Jacques Adler, a jeweller born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and trained in Vienna, opened a workshop in Istanbul, in the heart of the goldsmiths’ quarter. The location is a key to this brand’s success because, at that time, Istanbul was the world capital of fine jewellery, and there the brand’s foundations were laid.


Akelo Born in 1967 in the town of Corchiano, some forty miles north of Rome.
Andrea Cagnetti, also known in the artistic world as Akelo (Corchiano – Viterbo, 16 March 1967) is an Italian goldsmithdesigner, and sculptor. He is known for dedicating himself to the research of the ancient techniques used in metalworking.


ALBERTA: 1935 -Present ..Albert Manufacturing Company, Providence, RI


ALBION: 1935-Present..Albion Jewelers, Chicago, IL

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ALICE: Early 1950s -approx.1977
Alice Jewelry Company of Providence, RI. 
 Founded by Jennie Jaron and her husband.
Purchased by Bernard Scola in 1977.

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1940s - the late 90s
Alice Caviness began manufacturing jewelry to compliment her fashion designs, much like Chanel and Schiaparelli. She had an abundance of flair, garnering attention for her impeccable style of dress.
Her jewelry reflects her sense of taste. It was sold only in the finest stores.
Her company was based in Long Island, NY.
Alice Caviness designed most of her costume jewelry and was also involved in production and sales. Her company also produced sterling silver jewelry. She employed two designers, Lois Steever and Camille Petronzio. They were both young when they joined. Lois went on to run the company after Alice Caviness died in 1983. Camille Petronzio went on to work at Miriam Haskell.

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 1919 - 1970's
A. Micallef & Co. Inc. was founded in 1919 in Providence, RI 
Known for their gold filled, and sterling silver jewelry, this American manufacturer went out of business in the 1970's. Among other things they sold necklace and earring gift sets in hinged gift boxes.

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 1876 - Present
David Andersen founded his workshop in 1876 in Oslo, Norway



1988 - PRESENT
Ann Hand LLC design firm in Washington, DC
Ann Hand, often called the Nation's Jeweler, began designing her American Collection over 25 years ago. Her jewelry is recognized both nationally and internationally for its distinctive style, beauty and quality. Each piece is MADE IN AMERICA.
She has designed specially commissioned pieces for a wide variety of events and organizations that include major US corporations, government agencies, branches of the U.S. military, Universities, Museums, non-profit organizations, and other associations and special interest groups.



1968 - Present

Anne Klein is a fashion and jewelry designer, who once worked for Hattie Carnegie. Anne Klein opened her own business Anne Klein & Co. in 1968. Anne Klein died in 1974. Anne Klein's clothing and jewelry is sold at major department stores worldwide.
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1950 to Present
Founded by Ann Vein in Atlanta, GA 



 1938 - Present
Anderson Tool & Die Co. of Providence, RI
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Mid 1940s - Late 1970s
ART jewelry was produced by ART MODE JEWELRY CREATIONS, INC.
The company made fine costume jewelry from the mid 1940s until the 1970s. The jewelry made had variety, unusual designs, usually with a Victorian or Art Deco style with glued in clear and multi-colored rhinestones and simulated pearls done in antique gold-tone metals. The company had commonly used unusual color combinations of high quality rhinestones and cabochons that were set in ornate metal work or filigree.
The jewelry produced was similar in style to those produced by Florenza and was also comparable in quality and variety to that of Hollycraft. The medium to high quality jewelry pieces include figural items and Victorian pieces in many different styles.
Marked: "ART in a square with a copyright symbol". 
ART jewelry is becoming very collectible and the quality pieces with unusual designs, multicolor stones, figural pins and pave set pieces are the favorites and are expected to rise in value.
The company ceased operations in the late 1970s.
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 1800s - Present
Asch/Grossbardt Inc., New York
As with all of this designers jewelry, each piece is very individual and features the highest quality gemstones.  


Venerable English jeweller
William Asprey established Asprey in 1781. 
Created by the Asprey craftsmen, the Daisy Heritage Bracelet has been individually set with marquise cut aquamarine petals and a pavé diamond centre, set in 18ct white gold.



 AUCOC (1877-1932).
Louis Aucoc (1850-1932) was a leading Parisian art nouveau jeweller and goldsmith, working with his father and brother André. From 1874 to 1876, René Lalique was an apprentice to Aucoc



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